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Lives Per Gallon Story Project
The HUMAN Cost of our Oil Addiction
Helping Victims of the BP Oil Spill
Helping America Take Action to Solve the Oil Crisis

Civil Trial Begins for BP
- Al Jazeera's John Terrett reports from New Orleans.

We heard the stories from the victims firsthand:
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"The oil has stopped but the suffering continues."
Though the oil spill has been capped the devastation and impacts endure for the people and the environment in the region.
The Story Project is to inform the public about the impact over time and to keep the story alive.
Click on the individual faces below to see and hear their individual stories.
(Interviews conducted in 2010 and 2011)

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About the Story Project
The Story Project was launched in order to give the unheard victims of the BP oil spill a voice; a venue to express how they are being impacted; and a way to CONNECT with those who want to help. The immediate and primary focus is to hear DIRECTLY from the people who have been and continue to be impacted in order to facilitate the help they need. 

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BPTo Pay Record Fine
-- Huffington Post

BP Oil Spill Settlement -- Justice For Gulf Coast Reisdents?
-- Christian Science Monitor

Should Oil Dispersant Companies stay in the Litigation?
-- NOLA.com

2 Years Later -- Did the BP Spill Have to Happen?
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"There are not studies available to indicate how the dispersant used impacts second, third, or further generations so I continue to be concerned about the cumulative effect (much like mercury) - is there one or not?" -- Diane, Gulf Coast resident

"...the closing down of our waters really hurt us.  But, life goes on, and thank God I still have some loyal local clients, and I'm scratching out a living doing what I've loved all my life, being on the water." -- Captain George, Hopedale, Louisiana
October 2011:
Gulf shrimpers are still reeling -- is BP to Blame?
"The demise of the gulf's minnowlike killifish could be the start of an ecological tsunami, experts are warning."
September 2011:
Study: BP spill hurt killfish along Gulf Coast
The study found that the common Louisiana coast fish was "hurt severely by the spill and now is turning up deformed and may be unable to produce properly,"
Study: BP Oil Still Fresh on Gulf
"A new study says balls of tar from last year's BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico are not breaking down as fast as officials had expected."
August 2011:
Oyster Population Plummets in Louisiana After BP Spill, Floods
"Today, on the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana and Mississippi are battling a sharp decline in the oyster population, which may not recover until 2013..."
Check out the comments posted on the Gulf Coast Claims Facility Website (www.gulfcoastclaimsfacility.com) - this is the official way individuals and businesses that suffered damages from the oil spill can file a claim. Most are outraged by the methodology used to compensate them. We want to draw attention to the victims of the oil spill by sharing some of their comments.

From Al Sunseri, P&J Oysters:

We are no longer receiving any oysters from Louisiana but are getting some oysters from Texas…We have about 1/3 of the customers we had before the BP oil rig disaster back in April…

I don’t want to sound “doom and gloom,” but things at our business is different and we pray that we will be able to learn from what has occurred and be better for the experience…To read more about Al's experience click here.